Pizza Eggs!

I woke up this morning with a craving for eggs.  I saw the container of eggs in my refrigerator last night before going to bed.  I was going to make myself some dinner but the urge to lay down was far too great.  I fell asleep like a rock and woke up with an insatiable appetite.  Well, maybe not completely insatiable.  I knew I wanted eggs, but I also dreaded the possibility that I had no toast to pair with my precious eggs.  As I rummaged through my refrigerator I found leftover pizza!!  I remembered the concept of pizza eggs from one of my favorite shows, Weeds (a Showtime series).  Unfortunately they never really explain what pizza eggs means, so I did a quick Google search and found several recipe variations.  I settled on the following:

First, I put a slice of my leftover pizza in the oven at 350° to crisp it up before cutting it up into small 1″x1″ pieces.

Pizza in the Oven

As you might be able to tell from the above photo, my pizza is cheese-less and so is my variation on this recipe.  I’ve been a lactard (definition: a member of the lactose intolerant community) since 2000 but have only been cutting lactose out of my diet since January 2012.  I can tell you, though I do miss cheese, I have found some amazing alternatives to cheese, milk, yogurt, and other milk-related ingredients.

Back to the recipe!  While my pizza was in the oven (probably ~5-10 minutes), I whisked together two eggs, oregano, and fennel & sea salt mix in a bowl.

Whisked Ingredients

When the pizza was ready, I let it cool slightly and cut the crust off and ate it as an appetizer.  I cut the rest of the pizza into 1″x1″ squares.  I combined the pizza and egg mixture and poured into a skillet over medium high heat.


The final product?  Absolutely delicious.  And no cheese necessary!!  I ate about half of it with organic hummus which was a really great idea, if I do say so myself.

Pizza Eggs!

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