All Grown Up

Last night I sent a picture to my Mother with the comment “looks like I learned a thing or two from my parents!”  I recently purchased my first home and I do believe this is the first place I have truly felt at home since leaving my parents’ house for college (questionable I even really felt “at home” in my parents’ house in high school).  So along with the feeling of being “at home” comes household chores.  But for the first time I actually WANT to be doing these things.  Maybe that feeling will wear off once I am more accustomed to the feeling that this place is “mine,” but I will cherish the feeling for the time being.  The picture I sent to my Mother was one of my handy work (see below).  Instead of doing what I usually do (I may or may not have once been referred to as a tornado) and allow cables to tangle and internet modems/routers to lay on the floor/stairs (and inevitably in the way), I hung them under the stairs!!!  A small victory for mankind, a giant leap for myself. 🙂  Making my parents proud, one nail and hammer at a time. ❤

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