Today I was thinking about the name of my blog. Though it made perfect sense to name it that as explained in my Inspiration post, I realized today that it has a couple meanings.

  1. THE little sh*t… It’s my name! Don’t wear it out. 😉
  2. the little sh*t… in LIFE! Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, and sometimes it’s the little things you’ve got to learn to let roll off your back. Little things can make a big impact on our lives, for good or bad. It’s learning the subtle differences between the two that can change your world.

This blog has not become something amazing. It is a place for me to spill my brains, vomit some words, and generally straighten out my thoughts through my top-spinning life. To me, this blog is one of the little sh*ts of my life. It’s a pleasure for me to share it with those who bother to stop by. Now, on to my day with (no doubt) more little sh*t coming my way. ❤

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