I am a Woman-ist.

I, (your name here), a shrill bitch, do hereby pledge to talk really really loud in meetings if I have something to say, even if dudes are talking louder and they don’t like me. I refuse to be a turtle—unless it is some really loud species of brave turtle with big ideas. I will not hold back just because I’m afraid of being called a loudmouth bitch (or a “trenchmouth loud ass,” which I was called the other day and as far as I can tell is some sort of pirate insult). Also, I will use the fuck out of the internet, because they can’t drown you out on the internet. The end. Amen or whatever. SOURCE

I read this today and wanted to do a variety of physical things (scream, sing, jump, dance) to make myself heard.  I need to take this vow on a daily basis. I think I too often take the form of a turtle (unfortunately not a loud species variety) for fear of being called a “trenchmouth loud ass” or other such terms.

I have the innate ability to explain myself much better via written word.  Maybe it’s because of the backspace.  When I try to verbally convey an emotional idea, I word vomit all over the place.  Where is the backspace in everyday speech?

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