Cleaning should not be this big of a deal but when you do it as infrequently as I do… don’t judge me.

My roommate moved out last weekend. I knew he was moving out at the end of the month but I didn’t expect to come home Friday to the feeling that I had been robbed (he took his tv with him). In the weirdest way, it feels like I got broken up with. But not in the “boo hoo, woe is me” way. More like the “time to make some changes” way.

When he reminded me that his lease was up and told me he’d be moving out, the first thing I did was make the decision to not have a roommate for the next 6 months (longer if I like it). I’ve started to make plans to turn my extra room into a mini library/reading room + cat play area (because Mr. Nuggs owns the whole house). It feels so adult. *shudder*

This past weekend was spent cleaning the room & bathroom. Kudos to Dad for taking bathroom duty. Boy bathrooms give me the heebie-jeebies (sp?). Double kudos to my old man for installing the ceiling fan in my bedroom that I bought nearly 2 years ago. It’s been splendid.

All of that deep cleaning triggered my cleaning bug (she doesn’t come out often). Ultimately I ended up with a spotless balcony (before and after pictures below) and kitchen counter (no pictures but that’s only because you wouldn’t visibly see the change; damn granite tile). To put it in perspective, an old toothbrush was a tool used quite frequently throughout. That deep.

Also… in case you were wondering, balcony’s are kind of a pain to clean.

Half done.. that’s a big difference!


Tools of the trade (feet and water tied for first):




I need furniture…


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