I’m a 20-something currently residing in the world of professionals the non-profit world (I GOT A NEW JOB!).

I am what is known as a dabbler. I excel at trying new things. I am the top beginner in almost everything I start. I rarely master anything (I’ve managed to master numbers).  I am in search of my passion.

I am fascinated by nature, energy, and the energy of nature.

I am the little shit above all little shits.  I must admit, this is a badge I wear proudly.  I was given some Inspiration to start this blog from my family.


4 thoughts on “About

    • I think I “just got told” as one might say. I was going for irony. In person, I have the mouth of a sailor. But I will take your critique into consideration. You are appreciated; welcome to my readership. ❤

      • Manderee,
        And I say this with complete respect, by the way. I think you have a great blog. I’d love to see you owning it. Fuck irony, as one might say!
        Le Clown

      • Le Clown,
        Damn straight I’ll own it. But maybe tomorrow, when I plan to take a quick break from owning the world.
        ❤ Manderee

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