Finger Burning Incident of 2014 (a blog revival)

Preface: Hello, again.

It is dumbfounding the dichotomy between an immense motivation to write and being completely devoid of inspiration or direction.

I have recently been motivated to write again by my beau. It was a simple “I would read your blog” that was both flattering and triggering. I quickly realized how much I missed expressing myself through the written word. In the past few months I have quieted my voice in my most prevalent semi-public forum: Facebook. My reasoning for doing so is irrelevant to this post, but in it’s place was a void that cannot be filled by work emails or text messages.

I internalize a lot of what I choose to share; my online presence is an extension of my physical presence. I put a lot of thought into my word-choice and I am just as bad at lying online as I am in person. But I find that I often write more about writing (or the lack of writing) than I do the topics I wish to share. Generally I think my opinions and my experiences are mundane but when I think about the things that I enjoy reading, they are the stories of everyday experience that resonate with me the most. So with that, I henceforth revive this blog with my first return post in almost a year. I hope you enjoy mundane because this is about to get real boring-like… Continue reading


Pizza Eggs!

I woke up this morning with a craving for eggs.  I saw the container of eggs in my refrigerator last night before going to bed.  I was going to make myself some dinner but the urge to lay down was far too great.  I fell asleep like a rock and woke up with an insatiable appetite.  Well, maybe not completely insatiable.  I knew I wanted eggs, but I also dreaded the possibility that I had no toast to pair with my precious eggs.  As I rummaged through my refrigerator I found leftover pizza!!  I remembered the concept of pizza eggs from one of my favorite shows, Weeds (a Showtime series).  Unfortunately they never really explain what pizza eggs means, so I did a quick Google search and found several recipe variations.  I settled on the following: Continue reading